Sunday, January 30

Bisate Update

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From Joseph Karama, Bisate Project Coordinator:

"I will start this update with some great tidings from Bisate school. The words below came from the Bisate School Headmaster to the Karisoke administration. Kudos to the EACEF team for all your support to the school!

'Hello!!!!!!!!!! ! Our success rate has been increased this year 2011!! 78.57% in Primary 6 and 94% in Senior 3 (Ordinary Level (Tronc Commun)). So the school’s overall rate of success is 86.2%. Thank you very much for your ongoing moral and material support!!!!!!!!'

The success being talked about came from the end of year national examinations for end of primary school (p.6) and end of ordinary level secondary (S.3) for 2010.

Regarding the renovations, I am attaching a photo from last week. The final touches will be completed next week according to the contractor, which will be a week in addition to the scheduled time but with a good excuse of the lack of supply of the right iron sheets in the country for quite a while. The delay has not caused any serious inconvenience to the schools schedules, the headmaster has assured us.

Thanks again for all your support.


Joseph Karama

Conservati on Education Manager, Karisoke Research Center,

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

BP1 05, Musanze, North Province , Rwanda"

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