Wednesday, February 9

Chania Project Update

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Below is a message from Headmistress Jane of Chania Primary School:


Re ceive greeting from Jane. I am fine and so are the teachers, parents and public of Chania Primary School.

The feeding programme is still going on and I personally express my regards towards the programme.

It has brought a lot of change to the pupils and the community at large.

The pupils are now healthy, neat and they can afford a smile – God bless you all. If it were not for your initiative, the school would be having pupils who are malnutrient.

Performance is improving and most of our pupils have been to Government Aided schools.

My new year’s resolution is to make Chania a better learning institution and have higher grades


Otherwi se, there is this bright idea you had of digging a bore-hole in order to facilitate the production of food by the parents. I talked with the farm manager of the shamba neighboring the school and he told me that  the Directors of the farm did not have any objection. They sent word that they have given you the go ahead since your intention of helping the needy was God sent.

On the issue of scholarship to secondary school; our performer managed to be called in very good secondary school. The parents are needy and the boy may require assistance.

I am very grateful, am happy that you are willing to work with the less fortunate ones of the doing good. God will also shower you with lots of blessings.

I cant also forget the EACEF organization members. Pass my regards to them all.

They are doing a wonderful job of thinking on ways of promoting education- tell them that chania is shining.

Below please find the performance list.  There was an improvement and my hope is that the improvement will continue. Thanks to you all.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as well as you all paying us a visit.

Success in your studies and all that you are doing and all that you are planning to do.



K. C.P.E RESULTS     ;  2009                                         2010                       

Engli sh    &nbs p;    &nbs p;   -           53.57                                             60.0

Kiswahili                         55.30    & nbsp;    & nbsp;                                 54.55

Mathematics & nbsp;                47.74                                             43.70

Science                           49.96    & nbsp;    & nbsp;                                 48.70

Social studies/ CRE     47.91                                        52.10                          

TOTAL                 & nbsp;       254.48                                          259.10

The school has been improving since the feeding programme was started. I teach English and it was the best performed subject.



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