Monday, May 12

EACEF Releases 2014 Fact Sheet

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EACEF today released its 2014 Fact Sheet. The document outlines EACEF's successes to date and plans for this year. Click here to see all of EACEF's historical publications.

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Thursday, May 8

Completion of Shalom Junior School Block 4

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Today EACEF completed Block 4 of Shalom Junior School outside Fort Portal, Uganda. The new block will house additional classroom space as well as a library and art room for Shalom's 200+ students. Since 2008, EACEF and its partners have built 11 classrooms, staff offices and other school facilities at Shalom Junior School. EACEF is currently in the process of bringing electricity to the school as well as installing a playground, soccer field, basketball court and volleyball court. EACEF is fundraising for the construction of a kitchen / mess hall and boys' and girls' dormitories to house an additional 160 students. Click here to learn more about the Shalom Project. To learn about how you can help, click here

Belo w are a few photos of the classrooms under construction. 

Andr ew G. Sugrue
Chairman of the Board

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