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Bisate Classrooms Completed

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Phase One of the Bisate Project Completed

On Thursday January 14th, the six classroom block phase of the Bisate Project located outside Ruhengeri, Rwanda was completed. At the dedication, the structure was named the “Umurage” Building, meaning “legacy” in the Kinyarwanda language of Rwanda. The building is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alecia Lilly, an acclaimed primatologist who ran the African opperations for DFGFI and who served as the impetus for the Bisate Project. Dr. Lilly worked tirelessly to bring the needs of humans and wildlife closer together and this building will serve as a testament to her legacy and impact on the Bisate community. The dedication of this classroom block represents the completion of the $115,000 Phase One of the Bisate Project and stands as a testament to the unique partnership between EACEF and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

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Plans for Phase Two of the Bisate Project, which will consist of the construction of a library and the refurbishment of existing classrooms, are underway.

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Below is a report from Joseph Karama, Bisate Project Coordinator:

"The technical reception of the All-new six classrooms building for Bisate School whose construction begun in August and ended in November 2009 took place today January 14th 2010, in the presence of the representatives of the local administration, the school’s administration, Volcanoes National Park authorities, DFGFI, the Contractor, and the Supervising firm. This was a provisional reception that serves to take responsibility over the building from the contractors to the owner (the school) pending final reception within six months. The six months is a guarantee period in which any defects or damage resulting from poor construction is rectified at the expense of the contractor.

The participants at the technical reception inspected all the classrooms and were satisfied. This was in addition to a technical report that was submitted by another construction firm charged with supervising the works that said the building observed all contractual terms and specifications. The school’s Headmaster, the representative of the Sector Administration and the Director of the Karisoke Research Center (on behalf of DFGFI) then proceeded to sign a document attesting to the technical reception.

When the school year reopens on 1st February 2010, an official launch of the building will be organized at least within the first two weeks of the new term. We wanted to wait for the desks being made for use in the new building to be completed and to launch the building when the building is already being used by the pupils."

Below are some photos of the event:

Bisate classroom interior

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