Tuesday, April 6

Ralph Byrns Speaks at GenerAction Week

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Renowned economist and professor Ralph Byrns spoke to UNC students on the importance of social action Monday.

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Monday, April 5

GenerAction Week begins, feature article in the DTH

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GenerAction Week 2010 begins today in Chapel Hill.

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For more information about GenerAction Week 2010, click here.

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Friday, April 2

Sean Kingston to Headline GenerAction Week

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The Concert:

The GenerAction Week Concert will feature musical artist Sean Kingston performing live outside the Dean E. Smith Center on April 11th as the capstone of GenerAc tion Week. On the Saturday preceding the concert the UNC Football Team’s Spring Game will be broadcast live on ESPN, and GenerAction Week will be the subject of an “Outside the Lines” special feature. During the game, different aspects of the preceding week will be featured, and GenerAction’s “What’s Your Action” video will be premiered. The GenerAction Week concert will last from 3:30 pm until 6:30pm and reduced-price ticketing will be provided only to those who participated in the events of GenerAction Week. Additional tickets will be made available for the general public, and the proceeds from these ticket sales will be allocated towards EACEF’s Shalom school construction project in Uganda, as well as to a new fund for innovative student-led social change ideas.

Ticket Information:

FOR DUKE TICKETS: Stop by the Duke Box Office (located next to The Hub in the Bryan Center) or visit http://tickets.duke. edu/loader.asp?target=show.asp ?shcode=1051

FOR UNC TICKETS: Either go by the Union in person between 9am-5pm or call 919-962-1449 to order your tickets.

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Thursday, March 25

GenerAction Week Announced in the Daily Tar Heel

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GenerAction Week 2010 in Chapel Hill was announced this morning in the Daily Tar Heel.

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Movement Overview:

Operating under the nonprofit umbrella of EACEF, the East African Children’s Education
Fund, GenerAction will create a movement of youth dedicated to creating measurable
change in their communities and world. The first major program will be GenerAction
Week, an interactive and engaging week of service and concert that will introduce
thousands of students to social action.

UNC GenerAction:

GenerAction was founded at UNC in the fall of 2009. Over the past year, the organization
has worked to produce UNC GenerAction Service Week 2010 by partnering with over 25
UNC student organizations to provide opportunities for students to serve. The week will
culminate in the UNC GenerAction Concert on April 11, 2010, featuring Sean Kingston, to
which students participating in service have the opportunity to buy a ticket for half-price. 



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