What's Your Action?

Inspired by the power of young people to affect real social change as seen through the EACEF model, GenerAction exists as an independent non-profit organization that seeks to empower youth through social action. GenerAction and EACEF partner together in their joint efforts to engage young people in social issues.


Based on the belief that young people have the power to serve as catalysts for change, GenerAction seeks to inspire a culture of social awareness and responsibility among youth while empowering them with the knowledge, tools and opportunities necessary to successfully engage in social action.


By offering a range of experiential, hands-on programs, GenerAction promotes the idea that our new generation will be one of innovative action. From volunteerism to social entrepreneurship, GenerAction engages high school and college students alongside established activists and organizations in a movement to spread awareness of youth social action. When equipped with the necessary know-how and resources, many young people have tremendous creative power to tackled social issues; GenerAction provides these tools with the intention of forming patterns of lifelong philanthropic involvement and ingenuity.

Movement Overview:

Founded under the nonprofit umbrella of EACEF, GenerAction is now an independent non-profit organization dedicated to creating a movement of youth focused on measurable change in their local and international communities. GenerAction movement consists of both a chapter network and GenerAction Week concept. GenerAction asks What is your Action? and through creative and dynamic opportunities encourages both experienced and inexperienced youth to engage in and pursue their passions and spread their message to others. Under the GenerAction Week concept, the movement provides information and discussion panels on a variety of pressing social issues and pairs volunteers with partnered organizations. GenerAction provides the tools and resources necessary for aspiring social entrepreneurs and activists to implement their projects and solutions aimed at bettering the world.