ENGAGE! Youth in Social Action

Based on the belief that young people have the power to serve as catalysts for social change, Engage! strives to provide international youth with the resources, opportunities and knowledge to channel their energy into measurable social impacts. After successfully maneuvering through the process of nonprofit formation, EACEF feels strongly that the benefits of social involvement beyond the basic bake sale are vitally important. In expanding key skills that range from leadership development to financial oversight to international relations, students are able to engage in the critical lessons of philanthropic endeavors. With globalization and technology rapidly integrating the scope of national and cultural barriers, Engage! hopes to expand active opportunities to the rising global leaders of the generation of action.

Success Stories

One of the first major successes under the Engage! goal of youth activism is that of Swinton Griffith. After visiting specific communities in Rwanda and across East Africa, Swinton was able to use the EACEF model to bring educational opportunity to the area surrounding the Bisate School. Under the Nafasi Process, Swinton developed a proposal to revitalize Bisate through an innovative partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. His initiative brought EACEF to Rwanda for the first time and has so far raised nearly US$130,000 to bring measurable change to the Bisate community!