EACEF would like to thank the following for their generous support of our efforts:

Founder's Circle ($100,000 and above)

A Friend of EACEF

Platinum ($5,000 and above)

Mr. and Mrs. Swinton Griffith III
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ivester   
Mr. James D. Robinson III
The Salwen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Sugrue   
Mr. Andrew G. Sugrue   

Gold ($1,000-4,999)

Mr. Harry Andrews   
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation       
Mrs. Sue Bowen   
Mr. and Mrs. Fischer       
Hugo and Carol Gastaldi   
Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Gregory   
Mrs. Gay Love   
Ms. Parker Rhodes   
Rockdale Foundation       
Archdiocese of Detroit       
Westminster Women's A Cappella       
Peace Presbyterian Church       
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Litré   
Ronald C. Hart Family Foundation       
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Woods   
Ms. Ann Cox   
Ms. Elizabeth Holloway   
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trapp   
Schoen Insulation Services       
The Westminster Schools
Chi Phi Fraternity - Eta Chapter - University of Georgia
SAE Fraternity - Georgia Beta - University of Georgia
The Reynolds Family and Reynolds Plantation

Silver ($250-999)

Mr. John Adams
Charles and Laurie Bengochea
Mike and Michelle Carter   
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hoskins   
Ms. Teresa Joel
Ralph and Sandy Lipsey   
Ned and Andrea Montag   
Mr. Clay Rolader   
Ms. Paige Kimbel   
Anonymous JustGiveDonor #247329       
Michael and Katherine Behr   
Ms. Jody Cook   
Mr. Michael Tyler   
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Taratus   
The Walker and Mary Jane Candler Family       
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crosier   
Ms. Elaine Escher   
Tad and Vaughn Linder   
Marjorie and ER Mitchell   
Mr. Russell Sewell   
Mr. James Walker   
Martie and Dennis Zakas   
Thompson and Olga Rawls   
Catholic Central High School of Detroit       
Tom and Aimee Chubb   
James and Virginia Ellis   
John and Lee McColl

Bronze ($100-249)

Greg and Laura Alby   
Mr. Weldon Baird   
Donald and Sara Chapman   
Rodney and Lane Cook       
Rodney and Emily Cook       
Rodney Cook       
Geoffrey and Dorsey Delong       
Bill and Lindsay Dorris       
Bruce and Juliet Durkee    
Mr. Lee Eckert   
Donald and Claire Everts   
Natalie and Barbara Foreste       
Ms. Holly Gardner   
Mr. George Gaskin   
Margaret and Scott Gillogly
Ms. Florence Greenberg   
 John and Andrea Harris   
Frank and Portia Hendrick   
William and Stephanie Holby   
The HoneyBaked Ham Co.       
Thomas and Janet Hough   
Ms. Margaret Jameson   
Laurel and Jason Jeffay   
Mike and Lucy Kerman   
Mr. Edward Krakovsky   
Bill and Mitzi Linginfelter       
Lost Lake Women's Nine Hole Golf Club       
Michael and Marsha Lyles       
Mr. John Morris   
James and Anne Namnoum   
The Thomas E. Noonan Family Foundation     
Ms. Judith Osbourne   
Ms. Laranne Oser   
Virginia and Oscar Persons        
Ms. Patricia Rafferty     
Beth and Robert Reagan       
Mr. Rickman Ryals   
Ms. Leitzel Schoen
The Herbert and Lisa Short Family       
Ms. Lois Sugrue   
Dennis and Bernadette Sugrue   
Ms. Helen Taratus
Michael and Susan Veysey       
Larry and Cynthia Webb   
Elizabeth and Chris Willett       
Ms. Sally Woodall   
Ms. Imani Franklin     
Linda and Henry Harris   
Ben and Suzanne Haverty       
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cheek   
Mary and William Long       
Ms. Laura Miller   
Ms. Sara Robertson   
Cornell and Jan Tramontana   
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Wells   
Ms. Page Zakas   
Kenneth and Lisa Menendez
Ms. Nancy Beane   
Ms. Hedy Bressler     
Tom and Caroline Gieryn        
Ms. Francis Huber   
Mr. Thomas Tamberrino   
The J. Alexander M. Douglas Jr. Family     
Ms. Elizabeth Hodges

Supporter (Less than $100)

Ms. Janet Grannotti   
Herbert and Anita Kern        
Michael and Judy Hartley     
Mrs. Gill Roberts     
Mrs. Nancy Sutterfield   
Mr. Robert Kahn   
Michael and Jane Armstrong        
Stephen and Maria-Deen Brooks        
Ms. Angela Cordle   
Henry and Kim Grady        
Mr. Nathan Maziar   
Mr. Steven Menendez   
Ms. Helen Taratus   
Brent and Terri Kaplan        
Jack and Sue Webb        
Ms. Geraldine Morgan     
Ms. Claire Allexsaht   
Don and Martha Snider        
William and Alexandra Allen     
James and Virginia Campbell     
John and Marjorie Connell    
Mr. Bob Cunningham   
Ms. Suzanne Graham     
David and Debbie Gray        
Mr. and Mrs. James Grien       
John and Sylvia Hutchinson
Lester and Julie Love
John and Sue McKinley        
Ms. Mary Moak   
Henry and Betty Munford     
Robert and Lillian Owen      
Bill and Christine Ragland      
Charles and Harriet Shaffer        
Mr. Michael Stephens   
Leighton and Kate Stradtman        
Robert and Lauren Winborne     
Ms. Kimberly Withrow   
Jonathan and Carolyn York        
Jeffrey and Valerie Levy         
Herb and Michele Meyer        
Ms. Catherine Burge-Callaway   
Brad and Lisa Armstrong        
Frank and Mary Jo Sugrue     
Ms. Constance Williams   
Willliam and Rosemary Barber    

Donors are listed based on information supplied to EACEF. We apologize for any mistakes or omissions.  To make a correction, please email [email protected]